What the experts say:

“Revolutionising care by connecting and mobilising a unique community of local volunteers”, City AM 2018.

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How We Help


Gardening & Outdoors

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Cleaning & Housework


Checking in

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Shopping & Errands




Driving & Travel


 What Our Customers Say

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It was so nice having a volunteer here with me to help around the house. I didn’t want some stranger coming to my house, so it was reassuring to know onHand had vetted my volunteer and we’d chatted beforehand
— Nora, North London

How It Works 

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Say what you need

From replacing some lightbulbs or getting something from the shops, to helping with paperwork or just having a cup of tea and a chat. No minimum time needed.


We find verified volunteers

From our database of hundreds near you. Please rest assured: we complete full DBS checks and have rigorously interviewed all of them. They are lovely.

About Verified Volunteers


Get it done

Once we've found a great match, we’ll arrange a time with you for them to complete your tasks.


Raise money for charity

There’s no need to pay expensive care agencies for simple tasks. We charge £10 an hour for our volunteer’s time. 80% of what you pay goes to charity, and we keep 20% to meet our costs.

About our charity partners


Meet Our Volunteers

I signed up to onHand because, as a student, I find I’ve got quite a lot of spare time and would love to get to know the older people in my local area
— Emma, 22
I signed up to onHand because I want to be giving something back to the community I live in
— Steven, 32
I’ve only just moved to London, so I know how it feels to feel a bit isolated. I signed up to onHand because I hate the thought of anyone feeling alone.
— Rachel, 26

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