Help around the house from a verified volunteer.

Book a security-checked volunteer to help you, or an older relative or friend, with common household tasks. We have enthusiastic volunteers near you who want to help with cleaning and chores, cooking, technology, shopping and errands, and much more. 


How We Help


Gardening & Outdoors

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Cleaning & Housework


Checking in

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Shopping & Errands




Driving & Travel



How It Works 

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Say what you need

From replacing some lightbulbs or getting something from the shops, to helping with paperwork or just having a cup of tea and a chat.


Chat to volunteers

Verified volunteers near you will be in touch to say how they can help. Check out their profile and chat with them to see if you click.

About Verified Volunteers


Get it done

Once you've found someone you get on with, arrange a date and time and we'll give the volunteer your details.


Donate to charity

onHand is only possible because of our 6 charity partners. As a way of saying thanks, we're asking that you make a donation after each task is complete - 80% goes to charity, and we keep 20% to pay the bills.

About our charity partners



"It's great knowing I can take some time to look after the kids without worrying that Dad is feeling lonely, or that there's something he can't do."

Claire, North London


Help from Volunteers,
Donations from You


No listing or callout fees. 

Everyone responding to you with onHand is doing it because they want to help you or your older relatives - without charging you a penny for their time.


Get help, do good.

Instead of paying for the tasks you request, we're asking that you donate to charity instead. We keep 20% of each donation to keep ourselves running.

About our charity partners


Get Early Access

We're finishing up our app for older people and their relatives to get quick and easy access to volunteers nearby. Volunteers can get started here today

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