Raise money for charity by volunteering to help older people near you.

As we age we can be prevented from doing things that were once easy. Older people near you need a hand with common household tasks like light DIY, changing lightbulbs, preparing meals, or even running to the shops. 

In exchange for your help, they've agreed to donate what they can afford to charity for every task you complete. You volunteer, they donate.


How You Can Help

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Cleaning & Housework




Gardening & Outdoors

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Shopping & Errands


Pet Care


Driving & Travel





How Volunteering Works 

Get Verified

To help ensure the safety of all our users, we ask volunteers to go through a background check, to verify your identity and see if there's anything we need to talk about with you before you begin.

About safeguarding

See how you can help

Older people and their relatives will put tasks on the app, and you can see which you can help with. Write a quick response saying how you can help, and then chat with them to make sure you get on.

Get it done

Once you've found someone you get on with, arrange a date and time and we'll send you the details of exactly where to go. 

Raise money for charity

We ask everyone who requests a task to make a donation to our partners once the task is complete, keeping 20% to pay for background checks and maintenance. 

 In the app you can see how much you've raised by helping people nearby. 

About our charity partners



"It was so nice having a volunteer here with me to help around the house. It's lovely to feel like it's my own home again!"

Nora, North London


Help Older People,
Raise Money for Charity

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No volunteering costs

We'll never charge you to respond to older people's requests, for training and advice, or for your security check. 

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Raise money by being helpful

After you finish a task, we'll send a note to the person who requested it asking for a donation - 80% goes to charity, and 20% pays for our costs. 

About our charity partners


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We're currently only working in London, but we'll be launching across the country throughout the year.